Back to School Message from Nurse Jardin

Dear Parents/Guardians:

I am Maureen Jardin, the school nurse at Cheatham Hill. Please take the following steps to help prepare for your student's medical needs throughout the upcoming school year.

*Download care plans for chronic health conditions such as Asthma, Diabetes, Seizures  etc. to have on file for your student. All students with Severe Food allergies requiring Epi Pens, Asthma, etc should have a updated 2019-2020 care plan.

*In order to leave medication in the clinic, please do the following:

1. Complete Authorization Forms.

2. Supply medication in the original container and label with student's name and expiration date of medication.

3 All medication should be in the original container. No medication in baggies will be accepted.

Medication will be accepted during Sneak-a-Peek. Please complete authorizations and place them with a labeled medication in a large baggie with your student’s name and your contact information to leave in the clinic.

REVIEW ILLNESS GUIDELINES for Cobb County School District. Refer to the guidelines when sending your student back to school after an illness or deciding when your child should stay home because of an illness. Now is a great time to have a plan in place to pick up a sick student from the clinic when called. Please pick students up within an hour of being called.

*If your student needs assistance with toileting, please practice this summer to  help  prepare for the school year. Send clothing in their backpack if needed. Parents will be called to pick up student who are heavily soiled.

*Ill students should not be medicated to take a test, attend a field trip, or celebrate a class celebration during the school day. Not only does this expose everyone to illness but they will not perform their best if ill.

*Please check your student weekly for lice. It is the most effective way to detect cases early and to prevent transmission. If your student does have lice, please notify your teacher or the clinic.

Following these simple guidelines help us prepare for a wonderful, safe, and healthy school year.

I look forward to serving your families health care needs during the upcoming school year.


Maureen Jardin,LPN


When Does My Child Need to Stay Home?

We have very specific procedures outlined in Cobb County's JGC Policy:  School Health Services.  Please see below for some of our most frequent health issues and policy for participation in school.


Diarrhea/Watery Stools:
a. Students will be sent home from school for:
    (1) More than two episodes of diarrhea occurring during a school day.
    (2) One episode of diarrhea if other symptoms are present (e.g. fever, abdominal discomfort, vomiting, etc.)
    (3) Soiling themselves or their clothing.
b. Children may return to school 24 hours after the last diarrhea stool if they feel well and do not have a temperature over 99.5° F without taking a fever-reducing medication such as Tylenol.


a. Children will be sent home from school for:
    (1) More than one episode of vomiting occurring during a school day.
    (2) One episode of vomiting if other symptoms are present (e.g. fever, abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, etc.).
b. Students may return to school 24 hours after the last vomiting episode.


Fever (Normal oral temperature is 98.6 degrees F):
a. Low-grade (Oral temperature 99.5 to 100.9 degrees F):
    (1) The school nurse will notify the parent/guardian of students with low-grade fever.
    (2) Students with low-grade fever may remain in school if no other symptoms are present.
    (3) Students will be sent home from school with low-grade fever if other symptoms (e.g. cough, sore throat, headache, abdominal discomfort, etc.) are present.

b. High-grade:
    (1) Oral temperature of 101 degrees F or above:
        (a) Students will be sent home from school for a high-grade fever.
        (b) Students may not return to school until free of fever for 24 hours.
        (c) Students will not be dismissed to the bus with a high-grade fever.

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