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Robert Cascone, PE,  email

Karen Courant, Innovative Lab email

Robin Dinicolantonio, PE,  email

Rocio Gonzalez, Spanish, email

Tracey Northington, RTI Specialist email

Lynn Ralph, Art email

Dr. Paula Thomas-Lee, Music email


Learning Commons Specialist

Marla Buro, Learning Commons Specialist, email

Ellen Goebel (Learning Commons) email

School Social Worker

Antoinette Frazier email

School Psychologist

Sara McCullough email

Paraeducator Support

Elsa Wehrenberg email

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Paraeducator Support

Yesenia Benitez email

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Alice Sneed email

Deb Tandy email

Speech and Language

Kim Maxwell email

Shay Parker, pre-school SLP, email

Kristen Slemons email

Student Support Specialists

Colleen George, ESOL, email

Jean Presley, ESOL, email

Gina Hill, EIP, email

Leslie Riccard, EIP email

Patricia Long, Read 180 email

Counseling Department

Kindergarten & 3rd Grade

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1st and 4th Grades

Georgia Bartlett  email


2nd and 5th Grades

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